Top 5 Restaurants that Offers Never-before Experience: Fly Now

Top 5 Restaurants that Offers Never-before Experience: Fly Now

Undoubtedly, Traveling is one of the best experiences in life. If travelling is the best part of life, then tasting different types of delectable foods is the best part of travel itself.

When you travel to new places, you would get to know about the different cultures of different lands. Travelling also includes eating in a new ambience that offers never-before experiences which could not be described in words. This is how the trip turns out to be praise-worthy. And here we refer to exuberant restaurants that are preposterous which in turn offer a breathtaking experience, making the whole trip worthy to be praised. So, let’s check out the best restaurants in the world to be visited at least once in a lifetime.


How about tasting palatable dishes while flying high up in the air, where you would feel as if you are a bird with its prey flying high up the air? Are you seeking a unique experience? Then with Culiair Sky dining is one such stuff where you will be dining between heaven and the earth. The best of this custom-built hot air balloon, which is transformed into a restaurant and kitchen, is suited to accommodate up to 14 persons at a time. What if there is a large balloon accommodating more than 15 persons? Yes! There is also a balloon accommodating 24 persons, in case of large groups. Here the talented Masterchef is already to exhibit her culinary art during an amazing balloon trip over the stupendous parts of the Netherlands.


Have you ever thought of tasting toothsome dishes amidst the water, merely an island ambience? Well, here is one of the countries of the African continent providing delicious plates of seafood with an amazing spot, Tanzania is best at itself. Situated in Zanzibar of Tanzania, it provides dishes like Octopus salad and fish carpaccio. Just a take boat to this naturally staggering restaurant.


So here comes the restaurant situated above sea level! Nature is abundant at Chevre D’or with plenty of gardens filled with sculptures, fountains, waterfalls, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs. This is an ideal voyage to a breathtaking greenery place. It is totally a historical air-filled luxurious place in the heart of Eze. It offers lunch, dinner, luxurious rooms and bars as well as other facilities with stunning views. Here is a tranquil spot, where you can enjoy an awe-struck view of the Mediterranean and godly hills.


How about the princely feel along with a grand feast at the dreamy snow castle? That’s how the restaurant of Finland provides you with a uniquely astonishing experience. The excellent and delightful dishes with a truly awesome ambience will make you wild enough in ecstasy. The temperature is constantly at minus 5C which automatically makes you keep wrapped up. You could also witness some lively ice sculptures and it also offers accommodation.


We might have come across so many themed restaurants but here is how you should learn to trust your food in absolute darkness. Here you could not see the food but you would have to “experience the food.” But we do not really know whether the kitchen is well-lit or not and so trust the kitchen and experience the dish without seeing it. A 'Taste of Darkness’ definitely provides the best part of your experience in your life.